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Electronics A&T & Semiconductor

CSM vacuum insulated piping & phase separator are indispensable to A&T customers to save time and money for their product development and final product testing.

  • Test Handlers for testing and inspection of packaged semiconductor device including automotive, mobile, power, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and microcontrollers
  • HALT/HASS thermal cycling test that require extremely high turn down ratio of LN2 supply to achieve desired temperature downslope gradient.

Our vacuum jacketed pipe and valves are sweat-free and do not frost even after years of service. Our products have been part of many successful LN2 delivery system supplying to tools such as those from QUALMARK, Thermotron, RASCO, DELTA, TESEC, and COHU.quis suscipit sapien. Praesent sapien purus, molestie vitae nibh eu, euismod faucibus massa. Maecenas laoreet.

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Food & Beverage

CSM manufactures innovative liquid nitrogen dosing equipment for food & beverages, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. For more infomartion about our liquid nitrogen dosing systems.

  • Doser dispenses a controlled, measured amount of liquid nitrogen into product packaging just before the final sealing or capping process.
  • The liquid nitrogen vaporizes and expand 700 times into gaseous phase in the product head space, thus creates a stronger container.
  • This process is also effective in flushing out the oxygen, extending product shelve life.
Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE)

CSM manufactures cryogenics equipment for low vapor pressure liquid nitrogen system used in critical wafer growing process such as MBE. This system keeps your tools cool at -196 deg C at all time making it possible to build defect-free product layer-by-layer, increasing overall process yield.

CSM product has been used extensively with major world-class MBE equipment from RIBER, VEECO and DCA

Typical MBE Products:

  • Triax-Flex (click here)
  • Phase Separator (click here)
  • Vent Heater (click here)

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

CSM vacuum jacketed pipes and hoses are essential components for liquid nitrogen delivery systems used in cryo-preservation applications, specifically in biomedical device facilities, blood banks, and hospital fertility storage. These specialized pipes and hoses play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and viability of sensitive biological samples. They ensure the efficient transportation of liquid nitrogen while preserving the low temperature required for preserving biological materials.

Typical Pharmaceutical and Biotech Products:

  • StatiRigid-T
  • Ultra-Flex 
  • Degasser
  • Vent Heater