The degasser removes gas by slowing down the liquid flow velocity, ensuring that the exit liquid supply is pure. It is typically installed either in-line or at the end of the pipeline before connecting to equipment. Due to a constant heat leak and pressure drop between the storage tank and the consumption use points, a portion of the liquid cryogen in the pipeline will evaporate into gas or vapor. As the liquid passes through the degasser, the gas is removed, ensuring high-quality liquid is delivered to the use points. This is done by mechanically separating the boil-off gas from the liquid. Unlike the CryoVent, the Degasser is specifically designed to separate gas during system operation and standstill. The degasser is modular and pre-engineered for easy installation and flexible arrangement within a piping system.
Typical Applications
  • This product is suitable for cooling down piping without venting gas through the equipment
  • It can be used as phase separators in combination with a back-pressure valve when no electric power or pneumatics are available

Features and Benefits

  • The degasser is available with either bayonet or pipe threaded termination
  • It uses a bayonet connection to facilitate future expansion of the piping system
  • The degasser ensures consistent and efficient liquid supply from bulk storage to the end application
  • It maintains liquid in the piping system at all times

Watch how a Degasser works