Cryogenic Application Solutions

Cryogas has earned the trust and admiration of its clients over the past 25 years by consistently delivering top-quality and cutting-edge cryogenic product and system. Our technology has not only set industry standards but has also sparked innovation in numerous research, industrial, and agricultural processes, with the vision for clean food, clean air, clean water, clean energy, and clean manufacturing.

Today, you’ll find our solutions employed in a wide array of applications:

  • •Cryogenic Cold-Testing: Used for semiconductor devices testing in consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, and military applications.
  • •Cryogenic Freezing: Applied to temperature-sensitive biological materials in fields such as biomedicine, artificial insemination, gene therapy, protein and antibody production.
  • •Cryogenic Dosing: Enhancing consumer product packaging quality and weight reduction through precision liquid nitrogen dosing.
  • •Cryogenic Trapping: Capturing gas and moisture molecules in ultrahigh vacuum processes, particularly in technologies like molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and thin film deposition, both in research and production facilities.
  • •Cryogenic Distillation: Elevating purification efficiency for ultra-high purity gases used in semiconductor manufacturing.
  • •Cold-Shrinking: Applied in the assembly of automotive and aerospace components during manufacturing.
  • •Accelerated Life Cycle Testing: Cold testing using liquid nitrogen is employed for industrial product testing in HALT and HASS systems for early detection of product defects and making improvements.
  • •Cryogenic Machining: Used for super-alloy machining in aerospace and outer-space industries.
  • •Cryogenic Hardening: Enhancing the longevity of ultra-hard machining tools.
  • •Cryogenic Bunkering: Minimizing boil-off gas (BOG) in LNG and LH2 handling.
  • •Cryogenic Liquefaction: In green hydrogen energy production for zero carbon emissions.
  • •Cryogenic Carbon Capturing: Contributing to global climate restoration efforts.

We don’t just innovate; we turn once-impossible dreams into reality. Regardless of your challenges, whether on Earth or in outer space, we’re committed to providing solutions that power your success.

Our Vision And Mission

Cryogas was founded with a vision: to become the preferred cryogenic engineering solution provider for industries such as Semiconductor, Life Sciences, Food and Beverage, Research, and Outer Space.

Our commitment to achieving this vision involves close partnerships with technology providers in each specialized field to offer the most cost-effective solutions. Our success is rooted in our ability to deliver innovative, practical, and profitable solutions to our valued customers.

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