Liquid Helium

When it comes to transferring liquid helium efficiently and economically, look no further than CSM Vacuum Jacketed Pipe (VJP) solutions. It stands as the optimal piping solution for the secure, dependable, and cost-effective transfer of liquid helium.

Our cutting-edge Super Insulation technology, boasting remarkably low heat leakage, ensures that your precious liquid helium remains preserved, with losses reduced to an absolute minimum.

In addition to our pioneering VJP solutions, CSM is at the forefront of designing and manufacturing super-insulated helium liquefaction systems and Liquid Helium (LHe) transfer hoses tailored for research and MRI applications. When it comes to the world of liquid helium equipment, we’re leading the way with innovation and quality.

Phase Separator

Stainless-steel vacuum jacketed cryogenic conditioning system is designed to control LN₂ pressure at the user's required setting.


Degasser The degasser removes gas by slowing down the liquid flow velocity, ensuring that


Cryogenic gas removal device designed to remove excess vapor and prevent accumulation in cryogenic piping systems when the liquid is in static condition (zero flow).

Vent Heater

Vent Heater is installed at the outlet of a liquid nitrogen vapor venting piping to prevent the formation of frost or ice balls