NovoDoser H series

The NovoDoser H Series ushers in a new era of liquid nitrogen dosing, designed to meet the evolving demands of modern beverage production.

Key Features:

  • Variable Liquid Head Pressure: Offering unmatched dosing pressure flexibility, it adapts seamlessly to your unique filling process requirements, making it equally suitable for both hot and cold filling processes. You can operate H sereis to dose anywhere from 0.15 psi to 0.45 psi head pressure.

  • High Pressure Liquid Nitrogen Supply: Our proprietary design allow LN2 supply pressure flexibility from 22 to 100 psi, therefore eliminating dosing inconsistency problem associated with high pressure or pressure fluctuation in liquid nitrogen storage tank. 

  • Frost-Free Operation: Bid farewell to frost-related disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

  • Food-Grade Austenitic Stainless Steel: Crafted from top-tier stainless steel, it adheres to the strictest food-grade standards, guaranteeing safety and longevity.

  • Hygienic Wash-Down Design: Compliant with stringent HACCP requirements, its design simplifies thorough cleaning, maintaining impeccable hygiene standards.

Innovative Dosing Solutions:

H Series features an electric dosing valve for lightning-fast dosing. This feature ensures precision on high-speed aluminum can lines and lightweight PET bottling lines.

NovoDoser H Series is your ultimate solution to a new level of LN2 dosing flexibility and accuracy, all wrapped in a package of modern efficiency and unwavering quality.

NovoDoser Ergonomic Features and Benefits

Frost-free nozzle Self-generating GN2 for dosing head blanketing.
Consistent Container Pressure Delivers accurate dosing ± 2%.
Lowest LN2 Consumption Discrete dosing, for speed up to 2500* containers per minute.
Lowest LN2 losses Proprietary vacuum insulation with lowest heat leak, faster capital pay back.
Minimized Product Splash Lowest dose pressure in its class, 0.3 psi.
Lowest system downtime Sensors & Electrical cables are IP 65 rated and 316L material grade of construction for main system.
Highest Hygiene Wash Down Design All external surface construction is in round shape, surface are sloped for self-drainability and easy wash-down.
Lowest Maintenance Ultra long life cycle dosing The Ultra long life cycle dosing valve > 60 million.
Ease of Installation Compact size enables ease of installation in limited spaces.
Applications Flexibility Compatible with soft-dose and micro-dose technology for hot fill, powder, and granular applications.
Multi-lingual HMI English, Spanish, Chinese, etc.
5 years vacuum warranty Lowest cost of ownership.

Controller Selection Guide

  • 500FD
  • 800SC
  • 2000DSC
Controller Type
PLC Platform Siemens S7-1200 Siemens S7-1200 Siemens S7-1200
LCD touch screen 4.3" Color 4.3' Color 7.0" Color
Dose Duration,1ms interval 20 to 1,500 ms 15 to 1,500 ms 5 to 1,500 ms
Dose Volume, mg/dose 10 to 1,400 10 to 1,400 5 to 1400
Dose Accuracy ~ 3% ~2% ~1%
Max.Descrete Dosing 500 CPM 800 CPM 2000 CPM
Fixed Delay
Speed Compensation
Dose Compensationn
Dynamic Dose
Encoder Compatible
Nozzle Pre-Cooling Manual Manual Automatic
Dose Head Purging Optional (Manual)) Automatic Automatic
Nozzle Defrost Optional (Manual)) Automatic Automatic
User's Filler Signal Interface Optional
Modbus RTU User Interface
Mobile Remote Monitoring (Wifi/Lan)
Smart Maintenance
Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Recipe Storage 5 5 12
Dosing Head Bimba /EA Bimba/EA/ES Bimba / EA /ES
Certifications CE,IP65 CE/IP65 CE,IP66