Vacuum Jacketed Hoses:Cryo-Flex

Cryo-Flex is a vacuum insulated stainless steel flexible hose designed to meet high flow capacity without compromising its flexibility.
Engineered as modular section with close tolerance bayonet connections. It can be used on its own, or as part of StatiRigid sections for misalignment offset. Cryo-Flex pipe is evacuated and sealed at the factory as a static vacuum and is available in dynamic vacuum.
Cryo-Flex are available in wide variety of sizes from DN16 up to DN50 to meet most the standard or custom requirements.
CSM offers a complete line of components such as in-line venting devices, phase separators and gas traps to maximize the system performance.
Cryo-Flex is used in a wide variety of applications including biotech, cryogenic storage, food and beverage, nanotech, environmental temperature chambers and R&D applications.

Features and Benefits

  • • Superior vacuum insulation eliminates moisture, condensation and frost build-up
  • • Due to very low heat gain, liquid nitrogen losses can be reduced by 10 to 20 times
  • • Quick delivery of LN2 to equipment improves cooling performance and production cycle time.
  • • Flexibility of Cryoflex facilitates installation especially above drop tile ceilings and below raised test floors