Vacuum Jacketed Hoses: Semi-Flex

Pre-engineered modular Semi Flex transfer hose has added advantage over the traditional rigid VJP, especially when system upgrade is frequently done This option is cost saving as the flexibility of the pipe reduces the necessity for precise system layout measurements It allows the whole system to be easily reused if use point locations and plant layout are changed Semi Flex can be added if required to the existing system without major rework expenses

Features and Benefits

  • • Semi-Flex can be coiled for shipment by air freight, thus eliminate the need for expensive logistics
  • • Tees,elbows, bayonets and valves can be incorporated with Semi Flex transfer hose for a customized LN 2 piping system application
  • • Select hoses are stocked for immediate delivery
  • • Super insulation and proprietary chemical getters ensures long lasting vacuum integrity
  • • Each hose is evacuated 10 6 torr), helium leak checked 1 x 10 9 std cc/sec) and liquid nitrogen cold shocked before shipping
  • • Vacuum insulation eliminates frost, ice and related safety hazards