Constructed inmodular sections with smooth inner bore pipe size, StatiRigid-P comes with periodic internal bellows for thermal compensation and designed to minimize pressure drop and improve flow characteristics. It has the lowest heat leak and lowest cooldown loss in its class. Suitable for use in a wide variety of industrial applications such as Electronic Assembly &Test, Food & Beverage, Petrochemical, Industrial Gas Plant,LNG etc.

Engineered as modular sections, these stainless steel coaxial vacuum insulated piping spools are joined together with close tolerance bayonet connections, or welded connection forming a complete cryogenic transfer system.

Each section is evacuated, sealed and tested for vacuum integrity to ensure minimal heat gain StatiRigid-P comes with internal bellows at required intervals to serve as thermal expansion compensators with 10 000 fatigue cycles calculated based on EJMA standard.The pipe comes with smooth inner bore to minimize pressure drop and improve flow characteristics.

Installation for StatiRigid P can be done easily both indoor and outdoor, by incorporating CryoFlex sections strategically to offset misalignments.

CSM offers a complete line of components including in line  enting devices, phase separators and gas traps to maximize the cryogenic system performance.