Vacuum Jacketed Hoses: Ultra-Flex

Offers high flexibility, sturdy & kink-resistant spiral wrap outer jacket, suitable for rough handling usage such as cryogenic liquid cylinder (LGC / dewar) refilling; and liquid withdrawal from pressurized dewar to test handler.

Ultra-Flex Transfer Hose

Ultra-Flex transfer hose is aultra-flexible, vacuum insulated LN2 transfer hose with high flexibility. It has the lowest dynamic bend radius among all cryogenichosesinthemarket. Due to its lightweight stainless steel construction, cool-down loss can be reduced to an absolute minimum. Ultra-Flexhosesareprotectedbyatoughandantikinkstainlesssteelspiralwrapoutercovering,itsnon wirebraidpreventpotentialoperator injurydueto sharpwirefoundintraditionalbraidedsleeve. Typical hoses aremanufacturedwithpipe thread ends or female flare 1/2″ JIC/CGA fittings or C5 bayonet.Thesehosesareusedinawidevarietyof applicationsincludingtoolconnectionswithportable dewarssupplyingLN2totesthandlers,LN2doser,or anymovingreservoirsandcustomOEMapplications.

Features and Benefits

  • • Tees, elbows, bayonets and valves can be incorporated with Ultra-Flex transfer hose for a customized LN2piping system application
  • • Both flexible and rigid sectionscanbe combined asonespool
  • • Select hoses are stocked for immediate delivery
  • • Super insulation and proprietary chemical getters ensures long lasting vacuum integrity
  • • Each hose is evacuated (10-6torr) ,helium leak checked (1×10-9stdcc/sec) and liquid nitrogen cold shocked before shipping
  • • Vacuum insulatione liminates frost, ice and related safety hazards