Vacuum Jacketed

These maintenance-free and durable cryogenic transfer lines are designed for use with liquid nitrogen. Even with the extremely low temperature of -320°F (-196°C) flowing through the hose, the outer surface remains at room temperature, ensuring safety when touched with bare hands. The reduced nitrogen consumption of these hoses translates to cost savings for your business.

CSM hoses incorporate cutting-edge super insulation technology, guaranteeing optimal thermal efficiency. In fact, each hose is backed by a 5-year vacuum warranty, ensuring its long-lasting performance. CSM products come in two options for vacuum insulation: static and dynamic vacuum types. To understand which vacuum insulation fits your needs, please click on the link Dynamic Vacuum vs Static Vacuum.”

Vacuum Jacketed Hoses

Cryo-Stic is used as a direct replacement for mechanical float gauges in microbulk liquid cylinders. Provides continuous and accurate measurement of liquid level compared to mechanical float gauge or pressure differential devices within +/-1% (over full scale)

Vacuum Jacketed Pipes

Introducing Vacuum Jacketed Pipes by CSM Cryogenic, the ultimate solution for efficient and economical cryogenic liquid transfer. Our pipes, also known as Vacuum Insulated Piping (VIP), deliver unmatched performance and safety.

Vacuum Jacketed Connections

The basic principle behind vacuum jacketed connections involves creating a double-walled structure where the space between the inner and outer walls is evacuated to create a vacuum. This vacuum acts as an insulating layer that significantly reduces heat transfer through conduction and convection, as there are no molecules present to transmit heat. This results in improved thermal insulation and minimizes the loss or gain of heat from the connected components. Read more at super insulation technology.