Cryogenic Accessories

CSM manufactures cryogenic accessories made to improve the efficiency of your cryogenic system operations.

Dewar Changeover System

Dewar changeover systems provide a continuous, uninterrupted flow of liquid nitrogen to the use point. When the primary source is empty, the system allows a simple switchover to a standby, full, secondary supply bank, thus eliminating liquid supply interruption.

CSM Cryogenic provides two options for dewar switchover system: Manual or Automatic

Automatic switchover stations will constantly monitor the liquid nitrogen supply using a liquid detection sensor. When the sensor detects liquid nitrogen supply interruption due to an empty dewar, the controller will command the vacuum-insulated valves to perform the supply switchover to the standby dewar.

Switchover stations are an efficient and economical alternative to installing a bulk storage tank with extensive vacuum-insulated pipelines.

Cryo-Stic Level Sensor

Cryo-Stic is used as a direct replacement for mechanical float gauges in microbulk liquid cylinders. Provides continuous and accurate measurement of liquid level compared to mechanical float gauge or pressure differential devices within +/-1% (over full scale)

Automatic Dewar Filling System

Automatic Dewar Filling ADF10 for unattended liquid nitrogen filling. This system is designed to automatically fill a dewar/mobile tank with liquid nitrogen from a piping system or bulk tank.

  • Automatic shut off for unattended filling
  • Fastest filling rate compared to any products in the market
  • Equipped with a user defined safety timeout feature
  • Provides a true liquid nitrogen fill
  • Eliminates liquid nitrogen waste

Benefits and Features

  • Offers alternative filling using user-defined timeout based on Dewars capacity, ensuring accuracy, while providing flexibility for customized dewar filling.
  • Includes a safety leak check before filling, preventing operator injuries due to leaking liquid nitrogen from poor fittings.
  • Uses a Thermistor sensor instead of thermocouple. Thermistors experience such a large change in resistance per °C, which enables ADF10 to accurately differentiate cryogenic phases between liquids and vapor, allowing instant and accurate detection of liquid presence in vapor vent line to prevent dewar overfilling hazard.
  • Provides multiple inputs to override system automatic filling by external devices, including O2 safety monitoring systems, liquid weight measurements, liquid leak detection sensors, and emergency shutdown manual override capabilities.
  • 24VDC dry output to connect auxiliary equipment like EMO valves or audible/visual alarms for emergency evacuation.
  • Incorporates a PLC and user interface display panel, providing visual text displays of alarm conditions or diagnostics situations.

Phase Separator

Stainless-steel vacuum jacketed cryogenic conditioning system is designed to control LN₂ pressure at the user's required setting.


Degasser The degasser removes gas by slowing down the liquid flow velocity, ensuring that


Cryogenic gas removal device designed to remove excess vapor and prevent accumulation in cryogenic piping systems when the liquid is in static condition (zero flow).

Vent Heater

Vent Heater is installed at the outlet of a liquid nitrogen vapor venting piping to prevent the formation of frost or ice balls