Vacuum Jacketed Hoses: HE-Flex

Helium transfer hose is used to transfer liquid helium from a storage dewar to acryostat or any point of usage. The flexibility overcomes misalignment between dewar and equipment, ease thework to connect and disconnect the transfer system. All hoses comes with static vacuumas standard. Static vacuum hose is vacuum sealed at the factory, providing many years of trouble-free vacuum insulation. Option for dynamic vacuum is available uponrequest.

He-Flex Transfer Hose

He-Flex is a vacuum insulated stainless steel flexible hose designed to meet optimal flow capacity, minimizing heat gain, low cooldown loss, without compromising its flexibility.

He-Flex incorporates low mass bellow and low mass MLI. Moreover, proprietary MLI wrapping process with controlled tensioning enables He-Flex to achieve high performance insulation and lowest cooldown in its class. Engineered as modular section with extra long close-tolerance bayonet or extended withdrawal tube connections. It can be used on its own, or as part of He-Rigid sections for misalignment offset. HeFlex hose is evacuated and sealed at the factory with static vacuum to 10-6 mbar.

HE-Flex in transferring liquid helium