Modular Valve

CSM vacuum insulated valves are recommended when system efficiency and elimination of frost, ice and moisture are essential. The initial cost is greater for the vacuum insulated option, but the savings outweigh the investment in less than a year. By using a vacuum insulated valve, one can expect a maintenance free operation that does not require frequent replacement of PU foam insulation. Vacuum insulated Modular Valve guarantees extremely low heat leak for minimum liquid boil-off compared to foam-insulated valve by at least 20 times. Thus liquid vaporization loss is reduced and liquid quality is maintained up to the point of use. Modular valves are commonly used in both Stati-Rigid and Semi-Flex piping systems with Dynamic or Static vacuum technology.

Benefits and Features

  • ● Available in T or Y pattern for horizontal or vertical installation
  • ● Pneumatic actuators can be ordered on valves for remote control
  • ● Low operation torque for bubble tight shut-off
  • ● Cryogenic stem packing with live loaded design to compensate thermal contraction & expansion to prevent premature leakage
  • ● Integral bonnet purge thermal relief port to eliminate extra fittings requirement and corresponding leak point
  • ● Plug to stem stabilizer to ensure longer life cycle for the valve seat
  • ● Replaceable KEL-F seat seal for lower maintenance & repair cost on the valve
  • ● Contoured flow plugs available for flow regulation
  • ● 5 years vacuum warranty for static vacuum